Sundsbergs Gård

Selma Lagerlöf, one of Swedens biggest writers, wrote in Gösta Berlings Saga about Sundsbergs Gård. According to the fairy tale in “Björne” the lord of the manor Melchior Sinclair with his wife and his daughter, the obstinate and beautiful Marianne, was living. In the fairy tale the drama is described which begins with the ball in Ekeby and ends with the auction in Björne.
The real history starts at the beginning of the 18th century when Olof Antonsson was born. He built Sundsbergs Gård and after his dead his son Bengt Reinhold inherited the mansion and seven other estates. He was a rich man and fell in love with the wife of the judge Gustafva Sandelin. She was the model of the major’s wife in Gösta Berlings Saga. Bengt Antonsson died unmarried and all his property was left to the judge couple in Öjervik.
A fire 1893 destroyed the mainbuilding. The family moved to the wing which today is a museum. The last privat owners, the dentist Tore Sjöqvist and his wife Birgitta lived in the wing till the new house was ready to move in 1978. The couple donated the mansion to Sunne Community. Today it is managed by the foundation Sundsbergs Gård.

Sundsbergs Gård museum shows three centuries of living cultur.

Sundsbergs Gård art gallery and café. In the former cowhouse today an art gallery and a café is located. Every year 10 - 12 exhibitions and other cultural arrangements are presented. The café offers coffe and delicious cakes. You can buy handicrafts and graphics of the exhibitions.
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Textile room, museum and forest museum can be shown for groups at request. For booking of a guided tour contact the café +46 (0) 565- 103 63

Ladan (The barn)
During summer the big barn can be rented for different arrangements like auctions and trade fairs, for exampel the yearly Antique Fair.

Normal opening hours are wednesday-sunday at 11-16.
Opening hours Muséerna från midsommar till mitten av augusti onsdag-söndag 11:00-16:00
Café och Konsthall året runt onsdag-söndag 11:00-16:00
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Name: Sundsbergs Gård
Description: Konsthall, museum och café.
Municipality: Sunne
68635 Sunne